Weapons and Armor


A few additions to help PCs and NPCs alike little more protected. Each of the items below can be worn alone or be added to armor, as they are detailed below.

Forester’s Duster: A new addition to armor list is the Forester’s Duster. This leather coat protects its wearer from the elements and from some harmful things that occur on the trail other then a cold night. The Forester’s Duster is a light armor accessory that can be worn with any kinda of armor but increases the armor the category by one step except for padded armor. The Forester’s Duster is a much lighter version of the Armored Coat.
Cost: 20 GP

Padded Tabard: A tabard is a sleeveless jacket consisting only of the front and back pieces with a hole for the head. The heraldry symbol of the wearer or the lord of the wearer is emblazoned on the tabard. A Padded Tabard adds additional protection for the wearer and is a light armor accessory that can be worn with any kind of armor but increases the armor the category by one step. The Padded Tabard can also be worn as piece of Light Armor by itself.
Cost: 20 GP

Name Cost Type Armor Bonus Max Dex Armor Check Spell Failure Weight
Forester’s Duster 20 gp Accessory/Light +1 6 0 0% 10 lbs
Padded Tabard 20 gp Accessory/Light +1 6 0 0 % 10 lbs


Seax: Basically a heavy large knife the Seax ‘s blade larger then a dagger and wider then a short sword. It frequently lacks a metal hilt but always have a heavy metal pommel. This is a weapon of brute force meant for very close combat. The Seax like many of the weapons created by the Faher people uses it’s heft to do the damage not it’s cutting abilities. Surprisingly the Seax’s blade tip is sharpened to pierce.

Verein: This heavy club is shaped like a blunted ax head to focus all its crushing power to a small point the results are devastating. Faher warriors often combine the Verein with their darkwood shields, shoving their enemies with the shield and smashing down on their skulls with the Verein.

Metzger: The Metzgar is a cleaver like sword used by the Faher people. This sword doesn’t slice but rather hacks through its victim. The Metzgar’s heft and ax like blade make this possible. They’ve been known to cut through bone and supposedly the Faher people use a version of these to butcher livestock.

Adze: This devastating weapon used by the cavalry of the Faher people. They resembled massive swords more then traditional axes but used their heft to cleave and smash like ax heads. The Adze has a 3-4 foot oak half with a 2 long foot blade on the end. The width of the blade was 8 inches. These weapons are considered Exotic and require proficiency in them to be used properly. On top of that they are completely unwieldy on foot and even with proficiency there is a -2 penalty to use the Adze on foot.

Iklwa: A short Avarian thrusting weapon, so called because of the sucking sound it makes as it is withdrawn from the body. The Iklwa is a melee spear like weapon that is 30" is over all length. The blade is 14 inches long and can be used for piercing and slashing attacks. The wood handle is 16 inches long and ends in a rounded cap that allows it’s user to rip the Iklwa out of it’s victim without loosing grip on it. The Iklwa is an exotic weapon.

Weapon Cost DMG (S) DMG (M) Critical Range Weight Type Special
Seax 15 gp 1d4 1d6 18-20/x2 5 ft 3 lbs S Exotic, Light
Verein 8 gp 1d6 1d8 19-20/x2 4 lbs B One-Handed Martial
Metzger 22 gp 1d6 1d8 19-20/x3 8 lbs S Exotic
Adze 35 gp 3d4 x3 20 lbs S Exotic, Reach
Iklwa 12 gp 1d8 19-20/x3 5 lb. P/S Exotic

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Weapons and Armor

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