Social Structure

“Here below, some pray, others fight, still others work… From the beginning, mankind has been divided into three parts,among men of prayer, farmers, and men of war…” – Unknown Scholar

In The Empire you are either well born or you are everyone else. Most citizens never see more then two dozen soverign a year and spend every day of their life toiling just to get it. Those who do manage to move up the social ladder are either lucky, be a great military asset or have the good fortune of being given over to the Church at a young age and actually like that type of life.

Below are three tables showing the social structure of The Empire. In order of importance is Church Heiarchy, Land Wealth and the Military Rank, of course most high in the Church are also have aubstantial Land Wealth.

Church Heiarchy Land Owners Military Rank
Arch Viscount
Viscount Lord High Marshall
ArchBishop Count/Countess Marshall
Cardinal Baron/Baroness Lieutenant
Bishop Duke/Duchess Cornet
High Priest Earl/Lady Early Sergeant Major
Decon Lord/Dame Sergeant
Priest/Cleric Freeman Private & Corporal

Social Structure

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