Realm of Thrakad

Ruler: Lord Vinzent Hadrian, Population: 31,481 (27,185 Human, 4,296 Other), Capital: Ashton; Population: 16,112 Exports: Grain, Fish/Whale and Quality Goods. Imports: Coal and Timber.

The Realm of Thrakad is an interesting place in Lor’ Elvenor; the lands are not the ancestral lands of the Thrakans but rather the lands of the Hadrians, a noble family which has had claims to the area in which the Realm now resides since 1252 SA. The royal bloodline of the Thrakad Empire joined with the noble bloodlines of the Hadrians sometime in early in the period After the Cleansing when the Thrakad Empire was forced to bow to the newly forming Myrmidon Empire. Over time some of the Thrakans left their lands and settled within the boarders of Lord Hadrians lands. As time went on and the Thrakad Empire ceases to exist the lands became known as Realm of Thakard to it’s people.

For the most part the Realm of Thrakad keeps to itself. Because of this the people were able to continue worshipping the whole Pantheon opposed to being forced to worship only Salah. Zahra is their patron Goddess as she was the patron of the Thrakad Empire but the rest of the Gods are honored.

Notable Locations:
Towns, Villages and Cities:

Haberhof: Small farming town on the outskirts of Rathreigh’s Grain Farms.

Tetzelstein: Town two days from Harberhof, houses a garrsion of troops.

Adelwitz: 8 days East South East of Tetzelstein, second largest town in all of the Realm of Thakard.

Farven: 2 Days south of Adelwitz.

Baienfurt: Keep with a small community around it. 2 days south of Farven.

Ashton: Small City surrounding a Keep. 3 days south of Baienfurt.

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Realm of Thrakad

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