Province of Erris

Viscount: Anton Deitmar VIII
Population: 902,782 Empire Citizens
Capital: Rathreigh; Population: 521,223
Exports: Lumber, fish, wale meat/blubber, coal and Dagwood Ale
Imports: Iron, steal, luxuries and honey

Erris is the western most province of The Empire, it is also the youngest. Enstated as a province in 443 A.C. after being merely a terriory for over four hundred and forty years of The Empire’s existance to that point. Erris is rich with thick forests, tall peaks on it’s eastern boarder and the second largest coast line in all The Empire.

Much of the peoples of Erris have embraced the rule of The Empire including many of the fey types that call Dagwood Forest home. The exceptions to this rule seem to be the Faher people in the north plains and lands of Lord Vinzent Hadrianwhich are east south east of Rathreigh.

Erris’ climate is temperate in the southern parts of the province and gets colder as one travels north. The winters are harsh, the springs are wet, summers warm and sunny, and the falls are crisp and clear. Add to this the vast Dagwood Forest and the steppes to the north and rolling plains to the south Erris attracts hunters, foresters, and other hardy folk who wish to cut their fortunes out of the forest or work the rich soils.

Ruled by Viscount Anton Deitmar VIII is the only province to not yet have a count ruling under the Viscount or a large population of nobility. The majority of the lands of Erris, from Hawks Lake all the way south to the edge of Dagwood Forest is ruled by the second most powerful noble in the province is Baron Aleksey Dratshev. Baron Dratshev resides in the town of Hawksford a rather well off town (for the nobles at least) that over looks Hawks Lake and a day and half travel from Fort Hawks Lake which holds a garrison of Empire Soliders.

As said before Erris has the second largest coast line of all the provinces of The Empire, with that Erris boasts some of the best ships in all The Empire. The city of Yorkwater is the port is second only to Dorofey when it comes to number of ships that call her their home port. Fishing and waling are major sources of income for the province.

Of course to wash down your swordfish from Yorkwater you’ll need a pint of Dagwood Ale. Dagwood Ale is so strong the Dwarves of Ungar import it and that’s saying something. The famous ale is brewed in the town of Dagwood which rests deep inthe southern region of the Dagwood Forest. What is in the ale is kept secret but some say the reciepe was first invented by the fey creatures that call Dagwood Forest home of course the same is said about the fog that plagues a small section of the forest from Dagwood lake creeping through the forest all the way to the Blue Cap Mountains that form Erris’ east boarder.

On the subject of creatures in Dagwood Forest the is the green dragon named Scylla that roams the forest. Scylla is a foul creature and those who find her or her lair rarely live to tell the tale. The town of Dagwood has been forced for generations to pay homage to the beast with treasures and on occasions with offerings she considers tasty. Luckily the orcs and goblins rambling throughout Dagwood Forest has been meal enough for Scylla for the last few years.

The northern steppes of Erris are ruled by the Faher people. They are ruled by Ralf Wulfnor, a man who will not bend to The Empire’s rule. To make matters worse the Faher worship the Gods of Old. They do trade with The Empire, their Eis Schroff Horses are highly sought after for their power and endurance. These powerful horses are the legs of the Faher’s military might- Their cavalry is said to be unmatched.

Import Sites

Townships, Villages and Cities: (Of The Empire)

Rathreigh: Capitol of Erris.

Dagwood: Town north of Rathreigh in the Dagwood Forest; Dagwood Ale originated here.

Hallowdale: Small logging village in the northern Dagwood Forest long with it’s small township of Daleville

Hawksford: Town just north of the Dagwood Forest that rests on the southern banks of Hawks Lake. Baron Aleky Dratshev resides in this town.

Yorkwater: A small port city that is right on right on the water. A third of the homes and business are on canals and the rest are built into the cliffs.

Ferry: A small village on the northern banks of Dagwood Lake. The community was built next to the ferry that moves cargo and travels across the lake.

Riversend: A large port town on the northern banks of Hawks Lake and the Ulhas River.

Townships, Villages and Cities: (Not in The Empire)

Almsville, Coldwere Keep, Haven, Hillfield, Shoreborough, Willowstead.

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Province of Erris

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