Myrmidons are a race of humanoids believed to be a mix of human and celestial origins. They are known for their deep religious convictions, battle prowess, and distrust of the arcane and sculpting of laws for the greater good.

Personality: Myrmidons are stoic and proud, this can be seen as cold and arrogance by some but for those who get to know them know the Myrmidons to be steadfast and generous friends. Myrmidons are deeply religious, zealous at times; this unmoving faith to Salah is seemingly embedded into them from birth. A logical guess is this is due to the very fact Myrmidon’s believe themselves to be made by Salah himself. This divine right makes most Myrmidons fearless in battle; they believe they have nothing to fear for Salah will welcome them in Paradise if they die courageously in battle.

Physical Description: Myrmidons typically stand from 5 and 1/2 feet to about 6 and 1/2 feet tall and weigh about 125 to 270 lbs. Males are noticeably heavier than women with most Myrmidon women having very lean and tall body structures. Myrmidon’s whole eyes are sapphire in colour with black iris. Their skin colour ranges from pale brown to deep olive, their hair ranges from black to blond (curly, kinky or straight). Male Myrmidons typically don some type of facial hair be it a trimmed beard or goatee.

Relations: Myrmidons get along with most Humans, much of the Myrmidon Empire’s subjects are humans. Some Myrmidons see Humans as children they have to guide to Salah. Dwarves and Myrmidons get along rather well, they believe in much of the same values of Law, Order, Valor and Courage. They do differ on their taughts on Gods or God but this has put little strain on their relationship. Avarians may have the most in common with the Myrmidons: Their divine origins, Law, Valor and Courage but the Avarians were not pleased how the Myrmidons treated the Elves so there is some mistrust there. Halflings and Gnomes have a very uneasy relationship with Myrmidons. They don’t see eye to eye on many topics but remain at peace.

Alignment: Myrmidons typically lean heavily towards Lawful and many are Good. Of course there are many that hold Law over all else.

Myrmidon Lands: Myrmidon Lands are nearly always Monarchies with a mixture of theocracy and rule over vast territories. Their traditions are hard set and change slowly over time. The Myrmidon’s military might keeps their lands ever protected and ever expanding
p. Religion: Myrmidons believe there is only one true God Salah. Several of the other Gods are believed to be Saints or Salah in the form of other races.

Language: Myrmidons speak Myrmin; a dialect of Svelti and Celestial; and a regional human language. Myrmin is the language all Myrmidon religious services are spoken and written in. Myrmidons often learn Dwarven and the other tongues of the land and can learn the following bonus languages: Dwarven, Gnomish, Orcish, Goblin, Giant and any regional human languages.

Names: Myrmidons name mean much to them. Ones value can be placed on the weight one’s name holds. First-born Myrmidon males are named after their fathers more often then not. It has not been unheard of the 2nd born male or daughter to hold the father’s name if the first born is unlikely to live up to it. Female Myrmidons of Noble status are typically named after their mother’s mother or father’s mother, some having a feminine version of their father’s name.
Non Noble Myrmidons don’t always follow this tradition and many have let their names mix much more with the humans of the Province in which they reside.

Male Names: Aleksey, Andre, Anisim, Anton, Aristakh, Benedikt, Branslovi, Boris, Borislav, Darius, Daniil, Dmitri, Eduard, Fedor,Gaveriil, Gleb, Igor, Ioann, Jozef, Kazimierz, Lazar, Leve, Luka, Maxim, Matvei, Miloslav, Nika, Nikolas, Nikolai, Petia, Savely, Sergej, Stefan, Vadim, Viktor, Victor, Vlad, Vladimier, Vlasi, Yuri and Zakhar.

Female Names: Agnessa, Akina, Aleksandrina, Anatasia, Anya, Corinna, Darya, Dominika, Elena, Eva, Inga, Irina, Isidora, Katya, Kara, Kristina, Lara, Larisa, Lidiya, Liza, Margarita, Mariya, Milena, Nadejda, Nadya, Natasya, Nata, Nika, Olga, Raisa, Ruf, Sabina, Sofiya, Sveta, Tasha, Tatiana, Varya, Vera, Vernokia, Violetta, Yeva, Zhanna and Zoya.

Surnames: Abramova, Alenichev, Alexandrei, Arsov, Baich, Balk, Baranski, Barsukov, Belaia, Charkov, Chernyovskaya, Chistyakova, Dashkov, Demeter, Djorkaeff, Donkova, Dratshev, Eltsov, Erin, Faustin, Filischkin, Gabrelovic, Gauk, Gergiev, Grindenko, Gubin, Harkov, Ilchenko, Itsov, Ivanski, Jelavich, Kamensky, Karin, Khoklov, Konchalovsky, Kondratenko, Levitsky, Lupandin, Malkov, Matsukovitch, Nakhimoff, Nazarova, Nikitin, Orlov, Ostrovsky, Pankratov, Petrovin, Radimov, Rochev, Rokossovsky, Rybin, Rybin, Satyev, Sharova, Sheremetev, Sinaisky, Sokov, Tarasova, Tolstov, Trubachev, Uritski, Valeev, Verbitsky, Vladigerov, Volsky, Vorotaev, Woloshyn, Yanovski, Zacharov, Zeitzev, Zharov and Zinovieff.

Adventurers: Myrmidons who take up the Adventuring life are typically Clerics and Paladins searching to spread the word of Salah, serve the Church and defeat evil that would rise up against the people of The Empire or against Salah. Some are wondering Fighters seeking to forge their name in glorious battle. Few are Rangers and Rogues who obviously are very different then the stereotypes of their race. Fewer still are Myrmidons gifted with mental abilities of Psionics. Only during the time before The Cleansing were there any Wizards found among the Myrmidon ranks.

  • Myrmidon Stats
    • Myrmidon Racial Trails: +2 Strength, +2 Constitution, -2 Dexterity
    • Medium: As Medium creatures, Myrmidons have no special bonuses or penalties due to their size.
    • Base speed: 30 feet (6 squares)
    • Languages: Myrmidons speak a regional language and myrmin. They may learn additional languages based on their intelligence score at first level.
    • Children of War: At 1st level Myrmidon’s receive a combat feat (aka Fighter Bonus Feats) or a Tactical Feat, player’s choice, to reflect the very martial nature of the Myrmidon race. The character must still meet all the prerequisites for the combat or Tactical feat they are taking.
    • Hearty Fitness: +2 Racial Saving Throw Bonus to Fortitude Saves.
    • Low-Light Vision: A Myrmidon can see twice as far as a human in starlight, moonlight, torchlight and similar conditions of poor illumination.

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