Mounts and Guard Dogs

Most children who admire the armor-clad knight riding the magnificent warhorse into battle don’t realize that very knight does not ride that horse all the time, that would ruin the animal. Here you can find information on some new stocks of horses and flavor text on some local breeds of man’s best friend: the dog.

Eid Horse: This is a relatively small but very strong horse build for one thing: travel. Eid horses are just large enough to carry a medium sized rider but strong as a heavy horse. Additionally they have five gaits instead of the typical 3, one of which is called ambling. This gait allows the horse to travel for 10 hours without needing rest instead of the typical 8 hours. The breed comes in many coat colours and has a long double coat to keep it warm in the winter. Price: 30gp.

Eis Schroff Horse: This stocky bred of heavy horse is incredibly hearty and agile. They are bred in the northlands of Erris province by the Faher and are the backbone of their military might. Eis Schroff horses can survive the harsh conditions of the northlands steppes with heavy coats and the ability to sustain itself on only year round pasture grazing. Despite their short stature these horses are as strong as heavy horses but as fast as light horses. Price: 350gp.

Emu: The soft-feathered, brown, flightless birds reach up to 6 1/2 ft in height. They have long thin necks and legs. Emus can travel great distances at a fast, economical trot and, if necessary, can sprint at 31 mph for some distance at a time. These naturally nomadic creatures are the riding mount of choice amongst Halflings. For game mechanics use the rules of a riding dog, minus the scent ability, for Emu mounts. Price: 35gp.

Ostrich: Much larger then Emus, Ostriches usually weigh from 140 to 290 lb, with exceptional male Ostriches weighing up to 346 lb. The feathers of adult males are mostly black, with white primaries and a white tail. Like the Emu, Ostriches are flightless birds with great land speed and can run at over 43 mph for up to 30 minutes. Halflings use them as working animals, pulling their roaming caravans. Knowing the their prized Emus are too tiny for giant folk Halflings have trained some Ostriches to carry riders. Riding/Pack Ostriches: 70gp, War Trained Riding Ostriches: 150gp.

Work Horse: These horses are solely used to work not to carry a rider. They are strong but not very well bred. Price: 10gp.

Waterside Terrier: This dog stands about 2ft at the shoulder with a coarse black and tan coat. They were originally bred to hunt otters but make an excellent herd dog. Price: 25gp

Rath Shepherd: This dog stands just under 2ft at the shoulder with a full coat to keep it warm in the winter, they come in a variety of colours including black/white, red/white, blue/gray and red/silver. Bred to herd sheep and other small herd animals Rathies as they are often called are an extremely loyal dog. Price: 20gp.

Kaldr Hound: One of the largest breeds of dogs in all of Lor’Elvenor the Kaldr Hound is bred to aid it’s masters while hunting some of the most dangerous game in all of Erris, including dragons. They beasts stand on average 3 to 3 ½ ft at the shoulder and rank in at 120-170 lbs. Although very muscular they are built for speed and agility. Their coats are typically a mix of brown and gray, rough fur that is medium length. Price: 35gp.

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Mounts and Guard Dogs

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