Lor Elvenor

Lor’ Elvenor is the largest continent on Nalmorah, it has a troubled past as many great wars have left their mark all over the lands. The last great war, said to be Lor’ Elvenor’s bloodiest, was a little over 500 years ago. This war took the might of much of the armies of the many good kingdoms of Lor’ Elvenor to end the terror of the vile Queen of Styris Selena Galonmiel.

Domains of Lor’ Elvenor:

Myrmidon Empire : The Empire rules nearly 2/3rds of all of Lor’ Elvenor yet it is it’s youngest domain. Ruled by a powerful but aging Exarch, The Empire craved it’s lands out from the spoils of war.

Realm of Thrakad : The rements of old culture the Realm of Thrakad has been cut out of the plains in the south east of the Province of Erris. The Myrmidon Empire does not recoginize it’s soverignty.

Kingdom of Ungar : The Kingdom of Ungar rest in the South West lands of Lor’ Elvenor and it ruled by the Dwarven people. The lands of Ungar are mountainous and arid. The dwarves keep the mountains and the Tuli hold the deserts to the north west.

Republic of Lindwyn : The Republic of Lindwyn rests in the South of Lor’ Elvenor just east of Schankenpfefferhausen Bay and west of the Anion. This realm of the Gnomes is the most advanced society in all of Lor’Elvenor.

Anion : Anion rest in the South East lands of Lor’ Elvenor littered with trader camps, towns and the occasion city. The government of rule is a democracy in which each community governs itself within a set of nation wide laws agree upon hundreds of years ago by Halfling Caravan leaders.

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Lor Elvenor

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