Kingdom of Ungar

Ruler: King Ioldel Turagirn (Dwf Male Fighter 12), Population: 2,835,447 (2,726,307 Dwarves, 74,614 Humans, 23,675 Gnomes, 10,851 Other), Capital: Valkrar; Population: 783,981, Exports: Mythril ore, Iron ore, Copper ore, Gold ore, Lead ore, Silver ore, Platinum ore, Gems, Craft goods (Armor and Arms), Coal, Imports: Timber, Grain

The Kingdom of Ungar is the mountainous country of the Dwarves. The oldest domain on Lor’Elvenor the Kingdom of Ungar used to run the entire southern region of the continent from the Tuli Desert to Leian Forest. The mountains jutting out of the dry desert were much more rich in ore and gems and quickly the Dwarves lost interest in their other lands. The hilly region around past Schnakenpfefferhausen Bay was already being populated by their cousin’s the Gnomes so the Dwarves of Ungar handed the lands over. The Gnomes called the lands Lyndwin. The even flatter region (to Dwarves atleast for the area past Leian Forest is quite hilly) past Lyndwin had even less value to the Dwarves and they gave it to their smaller cousins the Halflings.

The Kingdom of Ungar was, in a bit of hilarity, not founded by a Dwarf but rather Gnome named Raulgar Dwobtwiss the fifth over 2500 years ago. The Humans who live in the Tuli Desert could not pronounce his name instead called him Ungar. Raulgar thought this was some type of title and happily took it onto himself making all his crew (which was mostly Dwarves) call him Ungar Ralgar Dwobtwiss the first- He was now the first because no one else in his family had Ungar before their name. Ungar starting a mining town, naming it after himself of course, which thrived. Ungar ruled over it for 20 years until he met his untimely demise at the talons of a Blue Dragon during an expedition into the desert. Ungar grew as more mining settlements sprouted. Each settlement became it’s own city state, often closed off from each other. When the calamity happened in the Kingdom of Erum the Dwarven rulers came together and united under one banner, officially coming the Kingdom of Ungar in 44 SA.

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Duerlagg: Once a human city on the outskirts of the Tuli Desert it is now a desolate ruin.

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Kingdom of Ungar

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