Herbs and Remedies

The foresters and medicine women of Dagwood Forest have learned to use nature to heal, protect and sometimes just enjoy. Below are some of the Herbs and Remedies that can be found in the province of Erris to help an adventurer’s life go a little easier. All the items here are created using Herbalism and found using Survival.

Blackwort: The root of this perennial plant that grows in forests in the northlands has healing properties. When the root is boiled twice, ground down and then boiled into a tea it becomes a powerful healing remedy. The tea can last for one month and still be potent. The tea heals 1d4+1 points of damage. Price: 15gp root, 25gp dose of tea.

Toal’s Leaf: This tobacco leaf is dried and shredded for pipe smoking or rolled into cigars. A 15 oz. package of Toal’s Leaf pipe tabacco costs anywhere from 2cp to 5cp depending on where you get it. Toal’s Leaf cigars, which are said to be stronger, cost 1cp each.

Alder: This small brush grows in pine forests and is used as remedy against poisons. The leaves and bark are smoked and ground into a powder. The powder then can be either put on a bite from a poisonous creature or mixed with water to be ingested. Alder bestows either a 2nd saving throw on a poison if the first has been failed or a +2 if used before the saving throw has been rolled. If the poison was ingested Alder will cause vomiting. Price: 5gp dose.

Foxglove: This flowering plant grows up to 5 or 6 feet tall and its bell shaped flowers hang down from it’s stems. Foxglove’s flowers when ground and boiled help with hang overs after heavy nights of drinking by giving a boost of energy and numbing any head pains. Taken on a day that isn’t after a drinking bender Foxglove confers +1 bonus to Initiative for the day and a -1 penalty to Initiative the next. This plant only flowers in the summer months and touching the flowers without proper protection causes rashes, headaches and nausea. Price: 2sp dose.

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Herbs and Remedies

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