Governed by: Reeve Tuor Reid (male half-satyr Ranger 2nd lvl), Population: 45 (Humans: 42, Other: 3), Imports: Grains and Textiles, Exports: Timber

Hallowdale is a small logging village a days walk off Dagwood Trail just south of Fort Hawks Lake. Hallowdale was named for the great tree that rests in it’s very center- a hallowed out yet still living redwood that stands over 350 feet tall and 62 feet around at it’s base. Founded by Sander Reid, a woodsman from Dagwood eighty years ago Hallowdale remains a simple logging village that more often then not is passed by travelers on the Dagwood Trail.

Notable Persons:

Reeve Tuor Reid: Tuor Reid is a direct descendant of Hallowdale’s founder Sander Reid and is currently tethered to the town as acting leadership until Baron Alexsey Dratshev picks a new Lord after the untimely death of Sir John Dillon Duffield at the Massacre of Lake Lane a little over two years ago. Tuor does a fine job governing but doesn’t enjoy it. Tuor much more enjoys living in the wilderness with his fey cousins for Tuor is only half human. His mother Anika had an affair with a charismatic fey named Farquhar resulting in Tuor.

Decon Liam Walsh: Decon Liam Walsh is the son of Ardghal Walsh the owner of the Falling Leaf Inn right here in Hallowdale. Decon Liam has only been Decon for a few months, before that he was a Priest in Hawksford under Decon Vance Aldry. Decon Liam takes his responsibilities seriously and often outside the church. Decon Liam believes that he must help and guide his flock and takes charity to them. Whether it be giving a sermon to a house ridden farmer a day early or giving some loggers an extra hand felling a tree.

Ethan Cass: Ethan Cass lives six miles from the main town of Hallowdale where he keeps mostly to himself. Ethan is a graying and weather beaten man who now earns his coin logging and making bows. Every early Spring Ethan leaves Hallowdale and travels south to Rathreigh to sell his bows and watch the Rathreigh Spring Faire. Even there Ethan keeps to himself and has a contact that sells the bows for him. What Ethan Cass did before he came to Hallowdale is a mystery.

Rak Mulathal: Rak lives in Hallowdale because it is a convient locale to continue his mining mission about two days north west of Hallowdale deep in Dagwood Forest. Here Rak has found a mine shaft that he believes have veins of Mithral. This is based on a small bit of Mithral Ore he discovered there twenty years ago.

Notable Locales:

Hallow Redwood: In the very center of town stands then hallow 350 foot plus redwood which gives Hallowdale it’s name. Despite the base being hallow the tree still lives. Fey and Druids from miles around pilgrimage to the hallow tree on their holy days and hang colourful banners on it. The people of Hallowdale have gotten use to the practice over the years and often celebrate along with them.

Temple of Righteousness: This impressive building stands out being the holy building made of stone with a large bronze spiraled dome on top. In front stands ever looking over Hallowdale is a statue of Salah. The Temple serves as not just a holy place but as a town meeting hall and occasionally a sleeping area for exhausted travelers.

The Lucky Horseshoe: This smithy is run by Tyrrox Gyr (male centaur Expert 5th lvl) a centaur living in Hallowdale. Tyrrox typically makes ax heads, saw blades, horse shoes and other metal goods needed for the lumber trade. Despite the rather modest nature of Tyrrox about his abilities he is a master blacksmith and if you’re lucky enough to get him to make you a sword or armor or purchase one he’s made on his spare time for practice you’ll never see finer craftsmanship from any other blacksmith in all of Erris.

Falling Leaf Pub: The Falling Leaf Pub is the three story building just east of the hallow redwood. Ardghal Walsh owns the pub. Ardghal is getting on in his years and hopes to sell off the pub to someone soon since his son Liam Walsh took the priest’s oath and now is a Decon for all of Hallowdale townships and his daughter Constance owns the The Staggering Profit Inn with Dalia Iver in Daleville a small hamlet on Dagwood Trail two days away from Hallowdale.

On the first floor of the Faling Leaf Pub is a bar, small stage, dance floor and a dart board. The second floor houses a second bar and booths and tables for eating your meals. The third floor is *Ardghal*’s home.


  • Breakfast: Hash, 1 Goose egg, Raisins in Corn pone (3 Farthing)
  • Lunch: Pork chop, Baked potato and two pieces of bread (4 Farthing)
  • Dinner: Beef stew in a bread bowl, yams and a piece of pie (4 Farthing)


  • Dagwood Ale: Dagwood Ale is a rich dark stout originating in Dagwood. Dagwood Ale exhibits very strong malt flavours, hints of dark fruits, and is often quite rich, resembling a chocolate dessert. Save DC 18, 5 SP/Pint
  • Burnside Ale: This ale tastes of semi-sweet caramely malt with a moderate bitterness. Save DC 13, 1 SP/Pint.
  • Malt Whiskey: A pirit distilled from malted grain, esp. barley or rye. Save DC 12, 2 CP/Shot and 5 CP/glass.

Buckley’s General Store: Owned by Aileen Buckley this general store caters to the needs of Hallowdale’s residents. Everything from hickery wood for ax bodies to barrels o ropes to cloth and more can be found here. Not much in the way of adventuring gear is around.

Pillory: Hallowdale has yet needed a jail or town watch station but does occasionally need to calm down an inebriated customer at the Falling Leaf Pub. A night in the Pillory often does the trick. A platform with two pillories sits in front of the Hallow redwood.

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