Gnomish Gadgets

The province of Erris has something that the majority of the rest of The Empire does not have: A skyship port in the city of Rathreigh. Viscount Deitmar VIII opened trade with Lyndwin about 15 years ago and since then the Gnome’s presence has been obvious in the city. The first thing they brought with them was their odd trinkets and gadgets, next the Viscount allowed the Gnomes to install electric lights in Tuathal Spire square in the heart of the city. Last year the Viscount finally allowed the Gnomes build a Skyport for their flying contraptions to dock and unload cargo. The Skyport is located in the waterfront section of Rathreigh and is 50 feet short of the tallest building in Rathreigh: The Tuathal Spire.

Smash and Bright: These glass lanterns have two liquid filled balls in them. When you open the lantern and smash the balls together they break, the liquid mix and glow with a pale blue light for 4 hours. Additional liquid ball mixtures can be purchased in a rainbow of colours. This device lights as well as torch. Price: 10gp (Lantern with 1 use), 1gp for refills.

Spectacles: These framed ground down glass lenses help the not so keen of vision to see better. These come in all shapes and sizes and some even have multiple lenses for different seeing needs. Price: 2gp+

Horseless Horse: This contraption has two wheels, one small on in the front and one large on in the back. You sit in the middle, place your feet on two peddles and push down the peddles. This action causes the back wheel to spin pushing the device forward. A cross bar in the front allows the rider to steer. Price: 350gp.

Rumble Stick: This alchemic device is a powder in a metal tube with a wick in it. You light the wick and boom! This device is commonly used for mining. 20% chance of failure. Price: 150gp, 4d6 points of dmg 5ft square/all adjacent squares.

Kinetic Torch: This metal gizmo has a hand-crank on one side of the body and a lens in the front. When the hand-crank is turned a small glass bulb inside glows bright like a torch. If the hand-crank is rapidly turned for 2 minutes a 4 minute charge will be held. This device lights like a bulls-eye lantern. Price: 25gp.

Pocket Flame: A tiny metal box that has a wick and some type of fluid in it. When the pocket flame is opened and a flint wheel is flicked a fire starts on the wick and does not burn out until the top is shut, it’s blown out or the fluid is empty. Price: 3gp, fluid replacement: 1gp.

Pistol: This Gnomish invention looks like the handle of a crossbow with a metal pipe on top, a few mechanisms, add some blue powder pull the trigger and BOOM! This so called pistol fires small lead balls with some small amount of accuracy. The sound alone scares most people and improper use can cause injuries.

Rifle: This looks like the pistol but is much longer and is supposedly more accurate and supposedly has a longer range. Like the pistol improper use can lead to injury.

Blunderbuss: This short-barreled large bored rifle like weapon is devastating at short range. The same blue powder is what fires the ammunition for this Gnomish weapon but instead of one lead ball this thing shoots a bunch of lead balls thus being able to hit several people at once at short range. And it doesn’t just shot lead balls, pretty much anything you can shove down the barrel can be shot out. Injury can occur even with proper use.

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Gnomish Gadgets

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