Animal Trap: These traps are pre-made and ready for hunting. They come in various sizes for different game and are usable 3 times before requiring repair. Craft: Trapmaking skill is used to create and repair these traps. Tiny Trap: 5sp (DC 10 repair), Small Trap: 1gp (DC 10 repair), Medium Trap: 2gp (DC 15 repair) and Large Trap: 5gp (DC 20 repair).

Fire-bundle: This wood and tinder bundle is everything you need to start a fire quickly in a small portable pack. More wood will have to be added to keep the fire going but the fire-bundle has enough wood to keep a small fire going for 2 hours with no need for flint. Additionally the tinder in the bundle can be lit to smolder and allow you to take a fire with you. Price: 2sp.

Woodsmen Ax: The purpose of this ax is take down trees not foes. It can be used as a one handed martial melee weapon with a -2 penalty in combat if need be. Price: 2gp. Stats: Dmg 1d6, Crit x2, weight 5 lbs.

Brand: This metal rod has symbol at the end for branding herd animals that belong to the person the symbol represents. Price: 1gp.

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