Governed by: Reeve Tuor Reid, Population: 13 (Humans: 12, Other: 1), Imports: Grains, Ale and Wine

Daleville is a small hamlet that is a township of Hallowdale. Located about two days west of Hallowdale on the Dagwood Trail Daleville is the last stop on the trail before the last 4 day hike to Fort Hawks Lake or the first depending on whether or not your heading north or south.

Notable Persons:

Dalia Iver: Dalia owns The Staggering Profit Roadhouse with Constance Walsh. Dalia is a gracious host and keeps her guest full of food and ale with warm bed awaiting them. Of course there sometimes seems to be more to Dalia then a simple owner of a roadside inn.

Notable Locales:

The Staggering Profit Roadhouse: A beautiful four story building that services as a warm stop on the Dagwood Trail. The name is a pun on words, the sign shows a crippled wiseman but is spelt “Profit”. Owned by Dalia Iver and Constance Walsh the first floor is a bar and diner where the ale is always flowing and the meals are warm. Dalia and Constance’s employees are Ruben who shares bar tending with Dalia, Ruben’s brother Faas and Myra waits on the customers along with Constance.

The Profit has amenities like a stable for horses and other beasts of burden, bathes (2 farthing: cold, 1 florin:hot) and a good sense of security. Only four days travel on horse back from Fort Hawks Lake The Profit often houses a Imperial Sentinel or few as patrol up or down Dagwood Trail. Frequently in the winter months Imperial Sentinels will spend a week or more The Profit while the winter weather makes travel impossible.


  • Common Room: 5 farthing a Night; A mat and blanket on the floor near the hearth.
  • Single Room: 3 florin a Night; A small bed with a trunk for items.
  • Deluxe Room: 5 florin a Night; A large bed, a chest with a good lock, and a dresser.


  • Breakfast: Fried perch, eggs, Sharp cheese, Rice (cost 3 florin).
  • Lunch: Veal, Sweetbread, Collard greens (cost 4 florin).
  • Supper: Lamb chop, Taro, Green beans, Nut bread, Berry pie (cost 1 half sovereign).
  • Snack: Boiled Eggs (2), Pear, Corn pone (cost 2 florin).


  • Dagwood Ale: Dagwood Ale is a rich dark stout originating in Dagwood. Dagwood Ale exhibits very strong malt flavours, hints of dark fruits, and is often quite rich, resembling a chocolate dessert. Save DC 18, 5 Florin/Pint
  • Burnside Ale: This ale tastes of semi-sweet caramely malt with a moderate bitterness. Save DC 13, 1 Florin/Pint.
  • Long Trail Hibernator Logger: This ale has a malty caramel and apple esters aroma with whiffs of leafy hop. A bit simple, but nice. Save DC 11, 2 Farthing/Pint
  • Malt Whiskey: A pirit distilled from malted grain, esp. barley or rye. Save DC 12, 2 Farthing/Shot and 5 Farthing/glass.

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