Campaign Traits

Each character in the ‘Defenders, Deceivers or Deliverers’ Campaign starts with 2 Traits. One of the Traits must be a Campaign Trait from the list below.

  • Huntsmen: Dagwood Forest has long been your home. You and your family survive in the rugged and ancient forest not as farmers or craftsman in the small towns, villages and farms that dot the long trail from Hawksford to Rathreigh but as woodsmen and trappers. Since you were old enough to carry a bow you learned to hunt in the bounty of Aveline’s grace. You know how to track, trap, and skin animals as if you were wild yourself.

Benefit: You gain a dog as companion who has been trained to hunt with you. Choose 2 of the following skills as bonus skills: Climb, Handle Animal, Knowledge (nature), Perception, Stealth or Survival.

  • Legionnaire of Solan: You are a member of the Legion of Solan an Order in the church of Salah who investigate and actively hunts heretics, demon worshippers, witches and wicked things. Whether you are a cleric or a lay member of the Legion you have spent four intensive years learning how to identify and defeat these abominations. Now it is time to hunt these yourself in the Province of Erris.

Benefit: Your near obsessive hatred of all things arcane grants you a +1 trait bonus to all attack rolls made again foes you know to be arcane spell casters.

  • Snakehead: Formerly (or currently) a member of the Snakehead Gang that has been a torn in Baron Dratshev’s side for two years in the northern section of Dagwood lake you know how to ambush, steal and strong arm to get what you want. Perhaps you’ve learned the error of your ways or you’re on the run from the law you have now had to leave the Snakehead Gang behind you. Of course the mandatory tattoo for all members of the Northern Viper might give you away depending how visible it is.

Benefit: You begin with an extra 100 Sovereign (GP) in stolen loot (broken down in coins, equipment, gems, etc as you choose). You also gain a +1 trait bonus on Bluff, Diplomacy, Intimidate and Sense Motive checks when dealing with brigands, thieves and other unsavory underworld folk.

  • Noble of Erris: Your family is of a fine pedigree in the province of Erris. Roll on the table below to see the highest station a family member of yours holds. Because of your family’s heritage or newly appointed status your surname opens doors that common folks would be thrown out of. You hold the title of Lord or Dame.
    h2. Family Rank Table
Roll Highest Family Rank
01 Lord/Dame
02 Earl/Dame Earl
03 Duke/Duchess
04 Baron/Baroness
05 You are a noble from Kaldr to the North or the Realm of Thakard to the South East. Some people will give you the curiosity of calling your Lord or Dame. To other’s you are no better the commoner.
06 Re-Roll. If you roll 6 a second time you are niece or nephew of Viscount Anton Deitmar VIII. You hold the title of Earl/Dame Earl and are currently awaiting lands to be issued to you. You start play with and additional 300 Sovereign (GP) instead of 150 Sovereign (GP).

Benefits: Benefit: You have a scroll proving your lineage, a signet ring (or birthright tattoo from Kaldr) and have an extra 150 Sovereign (GP) with your starting gold. You gain at +1 trait bonus to Bluff, Diplomacy, Intimate and Sense Motive checks when dealing with Nobility and Clergy.

Talk to your GM about Noble surnames that may be smart choices when picking this Trait.

  • Child of Aveline: Somewhere you in your not so distant lineage fey blood intermingled with your family’s blood. Because of this you have a close affinity for nature, kinship with the creatures of Dagwood forest and perhaps some odd coloured eyes, pointed ears, unusual hair tone, slightly otherworldly presence and perhaps some animal magnetism with the fairer sex.

Benefits: You are considered a to a Fey when it comes to any effect related to that creature type and ability to cast Dancing Lights 2/day and Faerie Fire 1/day as caster of your level. Additionally you gain Low-Light Vision and a +1 trait bonus on Handle Animal and Knowledge (nature).

  • Devil Spawn: Some dark power flows in your veins, as a child you mindlessly drew archaic symbols in the dirt, on parchment paper and in the air. You never knew why or even thought when you did it. As you got older the symbols would occasionally glow or spark which brought the ire of your family or teachers or Decon. As time went on your figured out how to use these symbols, which could be your downfall, should a Legionnaire see you do such devilry.

Benefit: Choose two O-Level Witch Spells and one 1st-Level Witch Spell. You some how know the symbols to cast these spells once a day as a Witch of your level. If you choose the Witch cast these spells don’t count against you spells per a day.

  • Kaldr Outlander: You come from Kaldr in the northern steppes of the province of Erris. You owe no allegiance to the Empire and proud of that fact. Whether you are part of the ethnic group of humans known as the Faher or a one of the many creatures that gladly take refuge from the Empire in Kaldr you are considered a free person of the kingdom. As such you sport at least one tattoo when you reached adulthood or were welcomed into the lands.

Benefits: You gain a +1 trait bonus to Handle Animal and Ride, choose one to be a permanent class skill. You are proficient with one of the following Faherian weapons: Seax, Verein, Metzger or Adze. Additionally you start play with 50 Fals (worth approx. 25-30 Soverign (Gp)) and can speak the Faher language natively.

You again a -1 trait penalty on Diplomacy checks when dealing with Empire Nobility, Clergy and Soldiers unless the GM states otherwise.

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Campaign Traits

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