The calendar accepted throughout The Empire is the Brey Calendar created by Wilford Brey in the twelfth year of the Second Era. After a great calamity occurred in the Kingdom of Erium at the end of the Last Age there was a council of great men and women called The Thinkers formed to quell the chaos. Wilford Brey was one of The Thinkers that created many of the social systems that exist over 1500 years later.

The Thinkers got the leaders of Kingdoms and Empires to agree on standard trade systems, build trade routes, establish solid boarders and heal old grudges. Wilford Brey was Grand Scribe of The Thinkers. Quickly Wilford Brey ran into a major issue, many of the Kingdoms and Empires had different calender systems: Different Months, Different Days and even different year lengths. Keeping everything orderly became very difficult. To streamline his notes and to acculately write “The History of the Last Age” Wilford Brey created a universal calendar system that he could convert other calender system dates into.

By 37 SA the Brey Calendar became the universal calendar throughout the lands. The Brey Calendar follows the movement of Nalmorah’s second star named Kamala. Following the movement Brey’s calender has 4 weeks a month, each week having 7 days and this equals 12 months in a year.

Name Season Important Holidays in Erris
Chaitra Spring First Day of Aveline, Clear & Bright Festival (Alseids Day)
Vaishākh Spring The Hunt, Spring Faire
Jyaishtha Spring Coronation Day, Festival of Dassera
Āshādha Summer Laima Day, Bon Festival (Hesperides Day)
Shrāvana Summer Midsummer Fest, Rajneesh Festival
Bhaadra Summer Rathreigh Faire, Last King’s Day
Āshwin Fall Harvest (Erytheia Day), Night of Sevens
Kārtik Fall First Frost, Lantern Feast, Last Hunt
Agrahayana Fall Day of Prayer and Repentance
Paush Winter Last night of Aveline, Spirit Festival (Arethusa Day)
Māgh Winter Day of the Ill
Phālgun Winter Epulum Salah, Hearth Feast

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