Avarians are winged Planetouched humanoids. They are known of their magnificent architecture of their soaring settlements, intriguingly expressive yet restrained culture and unrivaled aerial tactics.

Personality: Avarians at first glance are quiet and reserved, get to know one well and you will learn it is just in their nature to listen then speak. Avarians live in a culture where everyone gets a word, even in government, and therefore there is no reason to yell to hear your own voice. Patience is a virtue they in spades, their ability to hunt from the sky and pick the best target and strike at the right time has much to do with this mind set. Those who don’t know Avarians often underestimate their prowess if they judge an Avarian by his unforthcoming demeanor, this is a dangerous folly.

Physical Description: Avarians look basically human in appearance with slightly pointed ears, chiseled square jawed faces on males and soft heart shaped faces on females. On the shoulder blades of every Avarian, their most distingishing mark when they wings are not unfurled, are tattoo like birthmarks resembling wings. Avarians typically stand from about 5 feet to a little under 6 feet tall and weigh about 120 to 200 lbs. Avarian males are taller and heavier then the Avarian females. Their skin colour varies greatly, some are pale, others are olive toned and few are ebony toned. More often the not, a grouping of Avarians in a city-state will have very similar skin tones. Avarian’s hair matches closely to the tone of their wings: Light blonde/white, brown, gray and black. Their eyes are coloured blue, green or hazel with a shimmer of silver in each making them brighter then that of a human’s.

Avarians dress in light and airy clothing. Male Avarians traditionally wear a linen skirt (often rectangular piece of unstitched cloth, usually around 7 yards long, wrapped around the waist and tied) and a matching short sleeved tunic that buttons up. The tunic is designed with ease of use with their wings. For more important occasions Male Avarians wear Togas. Female Avarians wear long tunics that go to just above their knee or all the way down to their ankles. A sash or belt around their waist is added to the tunic. Feminine Avarian tunics typically show most of their back. Like the Male Avarians wear Togas for more formal events, although their Togas are typically sleeves, strapping around their necks and again revealing their backs. All Avarians wear sandals more often then shoes or boots.

Colours and accents in their clothing are very important to Avarians. They dress is rich and deep colours, more often the not bright and warm colours. Their clothings typically has adornments like jewels, metals and patterns added to them. Jewelry is also important to them. Decorative braces, greaves, arm bands, rings and necklaces are popular amongst Avarians both male and female.

Relations: Avarians have a unique relationship with Humans. Because of their very appearance many tribal or secluded Humans who have run across Avarians have often confused them with messengers of the Gods and sometimes Gods themselves. Because of this Avarians take heed to keep their settlements away from Humans and take heed to not reveal their true form to them if possible. As time has gone on the understanding amongst Humans about what Avarians truly are has made relations between Humans and Avarians much more equal. Among the other races Avarians get along with Dwarves well enough, they often share habitats- Dwarves below the mountain, Avarians above. Among Halflings, Gnomes and Elves Avarians have no strain in their relationships but no special bonds either. Of all the races Avarians may have the most in common with the Myrmidons; their divine origins; but the Avarians were not pleased how the Myrmidons treated the Elves so there is some mistrust there.

Alignment: Avarians have no inherent bias towards law or chaos. Avarians have laws but also believe in personal freedoms and consider all of their people equal. Avarians are often Neutral Good.

Avarian Lands: Avarians live in settlements high in the mountains or on tree tops all around the world. They have no kingdoms of their own but consider every settlement no matter how large or small it’s down sovereign city-state. Each Avarian, man or woman, has a voice in the way their settlement is run through elected council members. The council for each settlement debates and votes on issues dealing with the settlement.

The structures of Avarian settlements are awe-inspiring with elaborate details. Avarian councils meet in column lined halls with large painted domes. Stairs from one level of a settlement to another are spiraled and adorned with statues of the Gods and heroes. Their homes are airy and roomy with large bedrooms with patios over looking the horizon. Avarian’s take the simplest task of creating a home, temple or meeting hall and make a piece of art.

Religion: Zahra is the patron deity of the Avarians and they revere the whole pantheon of the Gods. Every deity is paid homage to because the Avarians believe they all have a place and role in the creation of Nalmorah. Homage is paid by statues, offerings and festivals to honor the Gods.

Language: Avarians have no language of their own, all speak Celestial and any one Regional Language.

Names: Avarians are named more often then not after some ancestors or distant relatives- sometimes a variant of the name and have no Surnames. Rather Avarians carry the name of the father or mother with them. Therefore each Avarian strives to keep their name honorable or their own children be too embarrassed to announce with pride who they are.

Male Names: Achilles, Adonis, Agamemnon, Aias, Ajax, Akakios, Alecto, Alexandros, Altan, Angelos, Argyris, Asil, Bacchus, Baris, Briseis, Cepheus, Cerberus, Charalampos, Charon, Cruis, Damocles, Demetruis, Diamanto, Efstathios, Elias, Emmanouil, Eros, Evangelos, Filippos, Fotis, Gavriil, Georgios, Gregorios, Gus, Hector, Helios, Herakles, Iacchus, Iason, Icarus, Iosif, Konstantinos, Kreios, Kronos, Kyriakos, Lavrentios, Lefteris, Leonidas, Linos, Linus, Marios, Matthias, Nicolaos, Nicodemus, Nikolas, Nomiki, Iceabysm Idysseus, Okeanos, Orion, Panagiotis, Panos, Pantheras, Pavlos, Serafeim, Silas, Sotiris, Spyro, Stavros, Stefanos, Takis, Thanos, Theodoros, Theophylaktos, Vasilios, Vlasis, Xenon, Yorgos and Zephyr.

Female Names: Aegle, Aella, Agathe, Aikaterine, Alexandra, Andromeda, Athanasia, Athena, Calliope, Calypso, Carme, Chara, Chryssa, Clio, Daphne, Delia, Demi, Despina, Dione, Efimia, Echo, Eirene, Electra, Elene, Eleni, Elpida, Eris, Evdokia, Filippa, Gaea, Georgia, Harmonia, Hecate, Helene, Hera, Io, Ioanna, Ione, Iris, Kallisto, Kassandra, Katerina, Katina, Kleio, Korina, Kyriaki, Larisa, Maia, Marina, Martha, Melia, , Natasa, Nephele, Nike, Nikoleta, Olympia, Paraskeve, Pelagia, Petra, Phoibe, Phylls, Praxis, psyche, Rhea, Sara, Semele, Sibylla, Sophia, Tasoula, Thalia, Theia, Thekla, Theophania, Timothea, Varvara, Xanthe, Xene, Zonvia and Zoe.

Surnames: Avarians do not have surnames but rather identify themselves as Son of or Daughter of, or Of whatever settlement they hail from . Sometimes a nick name or skill of the Avarian takes the place of “Son Of” or is added to it.

Adventurers: Avarians who take up the Adventuring life are looking to add deeds and honor to their name. They take wing and let the winds guide them to distant lands and exciting tests for their skills. Most Avarian adventurers are rangers, fighters or clerics.

Avarian Racial Trails:

Stat Adjustments: +2 Constitution, +2 Wisdom, -2 Intelligence

Planetouched: Descendants from Archons and Humans, Avarians are a Planetouched race. Their type is Native Outsider.

Size: As Medium creatures, Avarians have no special bonuses or penalties due to their size.

Base speed: 30 feet walking, see below for flying speeds

Darkvision: Avarians have darkvision out to 60 feet

Keen Sight: +2 racial bonus to Perception Checks.

Racial Weapon Proficiencies: Avarians are proficient with the following weapons: Javelin, Shortspear, Spear and the Iklwa.

Automatic Languages: Celestial and 1 Regional Language of their choice. Bonus Languages: Infernal, Myrmin, Sylvan, Dwarven, Draconic and Any Regional Language.

Special Qualities:

Resistances: Avarians have resistances to electricity 5, cold 5 and fire 5.

Fly Skill: The Fly Skill is always a Class Skill for Avarians.

Wings: Avarians have feathered wings that protrude from their shoulder blades giving them the ability to glide and fly. Avarians at birth do not have these wings, but rather two tattoo like birth marks in the shape of wings on their shoulder blades. When an Avarian reaches puberty their wings manifest ripping out of their backs, causing them a great deal of pain.

Avarians young adults leave their wings out until they learn to glide with skill. After this they are taught how to retract their wings into their bodies and release them. Avarians use this ability to take enemies by surprise. When their wings are retracted the birth marks reappear on the Avarian’s shoulder blades.

Avarians take 2d6+2 points of damage when they release their wings. Doing this also damages any shirt and armor the Avarian is wearing at the time. It is almost impossible for an Avarian to release their wings through metal armors and they take an additional 1d6+1 points of damage and only a 20% change of proper gliding and flight capabilities if an Avarian releases it’s wings in metal armor. Because of this Avarians typically wear clothing and specifically designed Avarian Armor to allow the use of their wings with little wear and tear on their clothing and equipment.

It takes a Full Round Action for an Avarian to release his wings and a Standard Action to retract them.

An Avarian’s typical wing span is 10 to 12 feet when fully outstretched. The colouring of their wings reflect the colour of their hair.

Glide: An Avarian can use his wings to glide , negating damage from a fall from any height and allowing 20 feet of forward travel for every 5 feet of descent. Avarians glide at a speed of 40 feet (average maneuverability) . An Avarian cannot hover using the Hover feat while gliding. Gliding is not possible if an Avarian is carrying a medium or heavy load.

If an Avarian becomes unconscious or helpless while gliding or flying in midair, his wings naturally unfurl. This causes the Avarian to descend in a corkscrew like dive and only takes 1d6 points of falling damage no matter the actual distance of the fall.

Flight: After mastering gliding Avarians learn to fly. When an Avarian reaches 2 Hit Dice, he becomes able to fly at a speed of 60 feet (average maneuverability). An Avarian cannot fly while carrying a medium or heavy load or while fatigued or exhausted.

Avarians can safely fly for a number of rounds equal to their Constitution modifier (minimum 1 round) at any given time. They can exert themselves to fly for up to twice as long, but they are fatigued at he end of the flight. Likewise, Avarians become fatigued if they fly for a total of 10 minutes of time per a day of flying. Because of their glide ability Avarians can glide before, after and between rounds of actual flight therefore they can stay aloft of extended periods.

When they reach 6 Hit Dice, Avarians have enough stamina and prowess to fly for longer periods. They can fly at a speed of 80 feet (average maneuverability) and flying requires no more exertion than walking or running.

An Avarian with flight can make a dive attack. A dive attack works like a charge, but the Avarian must move a minimum of 30 feet and descent of at least 10 feet. If the attack hits it deals double damage.

Avarians with 6 Hit Dice can use the run action while flying, provided he flies in a straight line.

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