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Nalmorah is a large world filled with diverse Continents, Kingdoms and Peoples with rich and detailed histories to give GMs and Players alike a vast number of possibilities. From desert kingdoms, tundra villages, tree top cities and countless islands; there is always somewhere or something new to explore. The “Defenders, Deliverers or Deceivers” campaign takes place on the continent of Lor’Elvenor and some it’s neighboring islands.


Kingdoms of Lor’Elvenor

Important Information

Races of Nalmorah: Playable Races, Restricted Races and New Creatures.

Gods of Nalmorah: The Gods that created the world and shape the outlook of it’s denizens.

Languages: Do you understand the words coming out of my mouth?

Tools of the Trade: New weapons, armors, gadgets and trinkets for adventurers.

Currency: Coin of the realms.

Social Structure: It doesn’t matter if you are born as the son of a cheesemaker or the daughter of a Baron you still have a place in society.h4. Important Information:

Crime and Punishment: Rules to live or die by.

Calendar: What day is it?

Skies of Lor’Elvenor: Information about all things that light the night sky.

Campaign Traits: Traits Exclusive to characters from Lor’Elvenor.

Main Page

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