These little creatures are newly socialized enough to not be killed on sight. In the days leading up to the war against the Queen of Styris a band of adventurers were sent to the northern regions of the main isle that was at the time the Myrmidon Kingdom. The mission was to clear out a tower and estate that had become over run. The tower itself meant little to the Myrmidon’s but they wanted to test the skill of the adventurers.

The Adventurers went to the tower and discovered the entire estate and the lands around it were teeming with giant insects and a tribe of Kobalds. The insects were eradicated but many of the Kobalds were spared on the word of the Bard “Dangerous” Don Duffield. While in the caves under the tower Duffield had found a small group of Kobalds that did not fear or attack him but instead in broken Svelti they told him of the evil Gimp-pop, a tyrannical Kobald that ruled them by brut force.

“Dangerous” Don Duffield took it upon himself to defeat the ruthless Gimp-pop and therefore save the intelligent Kobalds from their overlord. He shouted the name of his foe and Gimp-pop emerged from the shadows. Gimp-pop was twisted lump with deformed legs who had to drag himself with his arm strength. “Dangerous” Don laughed at the obviously easy task dispatching this creature would be. His laugh ended quickly for Gimp-Pop was freakishly strong and incredibly agile. Victory was hard won but soon “Dangerous” Don Duffield stood in triumph over the twisted corpse of Gimp-Pop.

Ever since then the Duffield Family has used Kobalds as their family servants. The creatures were well treated, educated and introduced to society. The descendants of those Kobalds can be found still serving the Duffield’s in their family estate; The Tower of Derevich, as well as around The Empire doing work and even some as adventurers. They still run into problems when villagers refuse to acknowledge a difference between the Duffield Kobalds and their stupid cousins but with the muscle of a few good nonKobald friends often they can prove their worth.

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