Unlike the Kobalds, who are on the edge of acceptance, the Gnolls still battle each other for dominance never mind trying to be accepted by the civilized peoples around them. Small sects of Gnolls have broken off from their vicious kin and try to live a much more peaceful existence. What strayed these Gnolls from their destructive path is unknown. Some believe it is the natural progression of the race, others believe it to be going back to their true roots and others see it as weakness that must be destroyed. The Gnolls that have split off live in small and simple communities on the edge of the lands of society.

One such community is Haven, which is on the edge of north Dagwood Forest only two days trek away from Fort Hawk Lake. Haven is a small village, numbering only 78 Gnolls. They keep to themselves and try to live one with nature. They only community they trade with a Yokai trader camp across Hawk’s river just to the north.

From time to time a member of these solitary tribes embarks on a career in adventuring, a tough role indeed. The sight of a Gnoll walking on a travel way or into a village is one that inspires fear. Empire Sentries often attack on sight. Villagers are often just as kind, running to whatever arms they have while sending the women and children inside. To say life on the road for a Gnoll is a tough one is an understatement. Lucky Gnolls find companions that will have their backs during those tense moments and smart Gnolls will do all they can to hide their form from the outside world.

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