“When the Aingeru comes, he will not go away empty.” – Old Wives’ Tale

Names: Aingeru, Angle of Death, Last Breath, The Raven. Followers: Mortals, Death cults, Immortals. Sphere of Influence: Darkness (Loss and Night), Death (Murder and Undead), Evil and Repose (Ancestors and Souls) Symbol: A falling black feather and a red crescent moon, Alignment of Clergy: NE, N, LE, CE. Favored Weapon: Garrote

The story of the mortal that was forced into the service as Salah’s angle of death is a truly dark story indeed. A human named Aingeru pined a woman he could not have. The young woman’s name is lost to the sands of time but she was noble and he was not. The woman was to be married to a powerful war lord. Aingeru knew if this warrior suitor was dead his love and he would be other. With every once of his soul Aingeru prayed for the untimely death of his rival, he had only wish and that was it. He spoke to the darkness and the demon Belial making vile pacts if his will was done. The morning the War Lord and Aingeru’s love was to wed the War Lord was discovered dead in his bedchambers.

The War Lord’s life seemed to be sucked out him and all that was left was gray and brittle corpse frozen forever in fear. Aingeru, drunk on power, went right to his love’s father to demand the chance to prove himself worthy to be her husband. Not only did her father reject him but so did the woman. This humilation was too much for Aingeru to handle. That night Aingeru damned Beliel for his failure to live up to his side of the vile pact.

These venomous words slung at The Beast brought his ire swiftly. In the middle of a hate filled tirade Beliel appeared to Aingeru. The Beast grabbed him and sunk his teeth into Aingeru’s neck draining most of his blood. Beliel dropped Aingeru to the floor and told Aingeru that for his arrogance he would forever live with his heartbreak alone. There would be no solace for him. That Aingeru would now be compelled to cause pain on others and drink their very life source. Beliel then sliced open his vein and forced Aingeru to drink his blood. For days he though he would die, the pain was unbearable. Then one night he awoke, he felt powerful. Aingeru, with confidence, walked towards his love’s estate. He meet with her and drained her of every last drop of blood.

When Aingeru’s blood lust has subsided he looked down at the corpse of his love. Still in lifeless, tears ran down his face, he screamed in agony. Then the thought of his own vile rebirth- The Beast forced Aingeru to drink the demon’s blood after draining him. Aingeru tore open his own flesh and poured his blood into the mouth of the young woman, moments pasted. Aingeru began to give up home- His love’s body started writhing in pain. She gasped for breath and Aingeru rocked her in his arms. Her father’s guards arrived on the scene, Aingeru grabbed the girl and sped back to his home, faster then any mortal could move.

Now his love was his. Aingeru explained the rules to her. She would live forever with him, she would pray on the life of others and it would feel good, she would walk the eternal night and never see the sun again. But she would live forever with him. His love wept in the corner for hours, displeased Aingeru yelled at her. How dare she reject his gift of immortality. Aingeru in a fit of rage told her if she didn’t like what he had made her to take a long walk in the sun.

The next sunrise Aingeru’s love looked on the sun for the last time. She stood just outside his home, burning, not even screaming until the last moments before her body burst into a pile of ash. Aingeru could do nothing to help her, bitter at her second rejection he smiled as he finally heard her scream. The next night Aingeru began his hunt. He drained the whole town dry in seven, sparing only a few to make his servants. During the day, resting in a pine box, Aingeru’s servants moved him to the next town. The horror started again.

Salah had seen enough, he stepped down from the heavens and appeared before Aingeru during one of his feeding frenzies. Aingeru laughed at the sight of his former god. Salah stood silent as Aingeru blamed Salah for not making him as powerful in life as Belial made him in death. The moment Aingeru’s tirade took a breath Salah spoke the word “bind” and chains sprouted from the earth like vines wrapping around Aingeru. He struggled but nothing Aingeru did could free him.

Salah walked towards Aingeru and put his hand on his shoulder. He calmly gave out his edict on Aingeru. For his sins against humanity and his vile pact with Belial Aingeru would now serve Salah as the Angel of Death. Those unfaithful to Salah would be reaped by Aingeru. He would drain the life of the cruel, tyrannical and mentally weak- All those souls that are exactly like Aingeru. This task will last until Aingeru dies. Sobbing Aingeru accepted the task.

Amongst Salah’s clergy are the faithful to Aingeru. They are pragmatists, with life comes death and not all are worthy of Salah’s blessings. These Priests and Clerics serve as undertakers to the high ranking church members and important lords. Additionally they keep notes on those who gain power within the church and within the government. If they notice someone whose vary nature is like the Dark Angle himself they will not complete the last rights upon that person’s death for they do not deserve Salah’s blessings.

To the layman Aingeru is something to be feared and respected. At any moment of any day he could come for you. There are a few morning prayers that some more superstitious people say as they raise in the morning thanking the Angle of Death for sparring them that night. Aingeru or one of his servants come for every man or woman at some point. He judges their actions and thoughts. If he deems them fit they stand before Salah for final judgement. If they are not worthy their souls are torn apart for eternity.

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