Itsov Petrovin

Student of the scholar Alex and young priest in church of Salah. Itsov is the son of Earl Andre Petrovin, lord of Dagwood.


Race: Myrmidon, Age: 17, Height: 5’10’’, Weight: 172 lbs, Eyes: Cobolt Blue, Hair: Brown, Class: Priest, Level: 1st, Alignment: Lawful Neutral, Religion: Salah, Hit Points: 10, Initiative: 0, Speed: 30 Ft/ 6 Sq, AC: 10 (+0 Dex) (Touch:10 Flat-Footed: 10), CMB/CMD: +3, +13, Attacks: None


Itsov is the 3rd son of Earl Andre Petrovin, lord of Dagwood and ranking member of the Legion of Solan. As the third son Itsov was sent to seminary school at a young age to take of the life of a priest. Now complete with his seminary and martial training, Itsov was to learn Astrology from his cousin Alex at Felton University in Rathreigh.

Itsov Petrovin

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