A publish scholar and star reader in Rathreigh; Alex maybe more important in then he lets on.


Race: Half-Myrmidon, Age: 25, Height: 6’0’’, Weight: 172 lbs, Eyes: Cobolt Blue, Hair: Dark brown, Class: Expert, Level: 5th, Alignment: Neutral Good, Religion: Salah, Hit Points: 18, Initiative: 1, Speed: 30 Ft/ 6 Sq, AC: 11 (+1 Dex) (Touch:11 Flat-Footed: 10), CMB/CMD: +5, +16, Attacks: None


Alex teaches at Felton University and permanently resides in Rathreigh. Occasionally he visits his family in Hawksford to see his sister and younger brothers. Alex is well thought of in Rathreigh for his ability to star read. Powerful Nobles, even the Viscount have had Alex read their stars for important decisions.


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