Welcome to Lor’Elvenor.

“Never have I been so fearful of a person and yet feel so much sorrow for them. Her pain is our suffering.”- Journal of Soveliss (1318 S.A.)

In the era before now; during a time when a shadow of despair strangled the denizens of Lor’Elvenor; the Queen of Styris’ advisor Soveliss Aldataur penned those words into his private journal. The Queen was Selena Galonmiel, a dark and bitter woman, who ruled over much of the kingdoms without mercy. All those cast under her darkness would face the anguish of some wrong done to her long ago.

For decades the Queen of Styris bloodied the lands of Lor’Elvenor. First was the war that gained her the throne of Styris along with the thrones of other kingdoms where she would place leaders she could control. Once the dusts of war settled the true horror would begin. Paranoid the Queen would order hoards of innocents to death. Weekly the streets would be soaked red as her soldiers would execute anyone at her whim. Others would be sent to toil in fields, sent to prisons and the truly unlucky of her victims were sent to the temples she erected to Aingeru, the Angel of Death.

For a time the last remaining sovereign kingdoms turned their backs screams of agony. As the cries grew louder one man had trouble keeping his back turned for they hung heavy on his conscious. Prince Benedict Ebberson of the Myrmidons called out to the kingdoms surrounding Selena’s lands and an army for good arose.

It is now five hundred and thirteen years after Benedict’s war against the heathen forces cross Lor’Elvenor had concluded. The Myrmidon Empire now sprawls across most of Lor’Elvenor and not all is quiet. Shadows of corruption will come into the light, skeletons are being unearthed and a cast out people will demand justice. A new narrative is on the precipice. Another set of names and deeds of will be written into history…. Welcome to Lor’Elvenor.

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Defenders, Deliverers or Deceivers

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