The Empire has its own currency system but with such a vast sprawl of territories to control The Empire’s currency hasn’t always ended the life of local currency systems. Below is a quick chart explaining the currencies in use in the province of Erris.

Empire currency is accepted everywhere throughout The Empire, regional currencies vary based on region and sometimes people must except less then the full value of the coin to get any value out of it at all. In Erris the regional coin is the Dagwood coin system and this retains its full value throughout the area. Faher coin get full value very often in areas around Hawks Lake but often only as much as 60% of it’s value further south. Thrakad coin is rarely accepted at full value often trading at 50-70% of its value. Other kingdom’s coin trades fairly steadily at 80-85% of its value throughout The Empire.

Currency Common in the Province of Erris:

Name Value Region Empire Value
Farthing 1 cp Empire 1 Farthing
Florin 1 sp Empire 10 Farthing
Half Sovereign 5 sp Empire 5 Florin
Sovereign 1 gp Empire 2 Half Sovereign
Ein 1 pp Empire 10 Sovereign
Pence 1 cp Dagwood 1 Farthing
Groat 1 sp Dagwood 1 Florin
Helm 2 gp Dagwood 2 Sovereign
Denier 1 cp Thrakad 1 Farthing
Groschen 1 sp Thrakad 1 Florin
Dirham 5 sp Thrakad 1 Half Sovereign
Weiss Marc 1 gp Thrakad 1 Sovereign
Marc 2 gp Thrakad 2 Sovereign
Baht 1 cp Faher 1 Farthing
Ore 5 cp Faher 1/2 Florin
Ducat 5 sp Faher 1 Half Sovereign
Fals 1 gp Faher 1 Sovereign

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